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Gas mini-CHP (CHP)

Hited supplies and manufactures turnkey mini CHP plants for decentralized heat and power generation for facilities using 2G Energietechnik (Germany) and MWM (Germany) cogeneration plants. Our catalog features equipment in the power range up to 4,300 kW.

Advantages of cogeneration plants (mini CHP plants)

Mini CHP plant configuration options

Stationary mini CHP plants (indoor configuration). If the Customer has a vacant building or is ready to build a separate building for a power supply system, an indoor configuration of the cogeneration plant can be used.

The building must be fitted with the required support facilities for production equipment which meet the safety requirements for gas distribution systems and fire safety regulations.

Modular mini CHP plants (container configuration). If an operable power system is needed urgently and the user has no opportunity to build a special building for a mini CHP plant, an off-the-shelf system will be a suitable solution eliminating the need for a long construction period and installation. A container configuration of the power plant will be preferable in this case. An added advantage is that the power plant can be rapidly relocated at any time. Hited offers proprietary power plant containers.

Our offer

We offer following types of cooperation depending on the customer’s goals:

  1. Supply of equipment

    We can supply Mitsubishi, 2G Energietechnik and MWM gas power plants for companies who are ready to install the equipment on their own. In this case the Customer will be responsible for selecting the equipment. We can provide installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment at the Customer’s site.

  2. Manufacture of a turnkey mini CHP plant (standard solutions)

    The end product is a manufactured and commissioned mini CHP plant for decentralized heat and power production based on the cogeneration technology using Mitsubishi, 2G Energietechnik or MWM gas-engine plants.