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Generator sets installation

Installation includes package of all work and materials related to installing and connection of all equipment and associated systems. Installation is a mandatory part of any power supply solution. Even when you buy a small diesel generator set, you won't be able to start using it without following all the installation rules, laying cables and connecting it in compliance with the requirements. You need a specific set of installation tools in each case, and our managers will help you make the right choice.

Abandon the installation can not be - it can only be postponed!

Installing generator sets

Expertise of our installation division

  • Installing and connection of all equipment and systems.
  • Installing power lines in office and residential buildings.
  • Preparing design and engineering documents.
  • Laying the foundation and building partition walls.
  • Connecting voltage regulators and UPS.
  • Installing and assembling switchboard equipment.

Hited's installation division has worked on a variety of power supply projects since 2002. During this time, the division gained extensive experience in installing gas and diesel generator sets, uninterruptible power supplies, voltage regulators, and power supply systems for homes, apartments and office buildings. Hited engineers have qualified expertise to install generator sets and other power equipment of high complexity as required.