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Remote monitoring and control systems as essential parts of modern building/plant management offer convenient and efficient control of equipment and utilities, prevent accidents and reduce operational costs.

A monitoring software and hardware package – RedPine was developed and integrated by Hited group. Implementing this system allows professional control of operation of the power generation package for a facility of any complexity, as well as monitoring of all utilities.


The RedPine monitoring solution allows you to:

· Operate utilities in efficient and convenient way

· Prevent l accidents

· React immediately on any case of accidents

· Identify the causes and consequences of any failures in the engineering systems or equipment

· Receive full package of analytic imformation

The RedPine monitoring solution operates with:

· Power mains

· Utilities

· Power generation equipment

· Safety systems

· Building environmental system

The RedPine monitoring solution controls:

· Power supply

· Water supply and drainage

· Heating and cooling

· Ventilation and air conditioning

· Alarm and fire suppression systems

The RedPine monitoring solution records:

· Quality and reliability of the power mains

· Power consumption and costs

· Use and operation of plumbing and heating systems

· Employees' actions and job orders

Hited’s specialists have the necessary experience, training and practical skills to implement utility monitoring systems for even the most complex and crucial projects.

Hited guarantees high-quality design and implementation of remote monitoring and control systems, which is confirmed by the reputation and numerous positive feedback from major customers.