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Commissioning is procedure for starting up power equipment installed on site. Hited specialists carry out commissioning according to a commissioning and process flow testing program approved by the customer that specifies the work schedule and operating mode of process equipment.

Hited's commissioning operations

During commissioning, experienced engineers from Hited's Commissioning department check that installation is complete and the generator set is ready for operation. Successful commissioning of the generator set means both installing all connections and allowance for operation.

Hited has all the licenses required to perform the full package of work related to installing and commissioning power supply systems. Hited’s engineers have many years of experience, ensuring fast, high-quality commissioning operations at facilities of any complexity.

Along with the necessary licenses, we also have a modern supply base. Our company policy is to ensure our engineers receive constant ongoing training to maximize their product knowledge and operating skills. This is implemented by regular “on the job” training and certification either in house or at the manufacture’s plant.

We are ready to provide commissioning for the following equipment:

  • Mitsubishi and WattStream diesel generator sets (DGS)
  • Diesel generator sets from any manufacturer based on Perkins engines;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies;
  • Mini CHP plants based on MWM and 2G gas generator sets, and from any manufacturer with Perkins engines;
  • 2G gas generator sets, and from any manufacturer with Perkins engines;
  • Hot water boilers included with Mini CHP plant;
  • Electrical, thermal and auxiliary equipment for enterprise power supply systems;
  • Automated and control Systems.

Above mentioned systems can be commissioned together as a single site, or by system/by unit.

The list of commissioning work depends on the type of equipment and the facility's operating process. See the preliminary list of commissioning work for the simplest type — diesel generator sets — as an example.